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About us

Welcome to the webpages of the company ELFAP s. r. o. which was founded in May 1999 when the company F a P ELEKTRO s. r. o. (founded in June 1992) split up its activities which focused on wholesale and retail, deliveries and installations in the field of electrical engineering. To expand the scope of services, the company F a P ELEKTRO s. r. o. carries on sales activities and the company ELFAP s. r. o. has taken up and expanded deliveries and realization of electrical installations. The main business of the company focuses on electrical installations and deliveries in the field of heavy current and weak current installations up to 1000V. The scope of deliveries and installations reaches from a project design to realization and inspection in apartments, residential houses, industrial halls, office and business centers, hotels.
We provide services, revisions and maintenance of electrical installations. 

Based on a contract with the PRE a. s. company, ELFAP s. r. o. is authorized to realize works on non-measured parts of electrical appliances within distribution area of PREdistribuce a. s. We realize these works also in other distribution networks (CEZ…).

ELFAP s. r. o is a system partner of the company EATON Elektrotechnika s. r. o., LEGRAND, CANNY NET in the field of installations, design and programming of intelligent electrical installation systems in buildings. 

ELFAP s. r. o. was certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 regulation in 2005

ELFAP s. r. o. has got third party insurance up to a capital sum of CZK 10.000.000,-.

ELFAP s.r.o., Ružinovská 1/2015, 142 00 Praha 4 - Krč, tel.: +420 272 772 757, e-mail: info@elfap.cz